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Smart cylinders logo

Smart Cylinders provides an IoT solution for gas suppliers that streamline logistics, reduce administrative costs and increase customer loyalty. Our service provides the gas supplier with valuable insight into customer consumption and generates optimized refilling routes based on real time monitoring data

Logo Mode Sensors

Mode Sensors is a medical startup developing a cloud connected sensor-patch to prevent dehydration among elderly in healthcare.

chemfree logo

Blue Impact is developing an autonomous vessel for combating of oil spills. By using high pressure water to pulverize oil into microscopic particles, the oil is made biodegradable for natural bacteria in the sea – without the use of chemicals

logo Voico

Voico is developing a voice diminishing technology, enabling people to conduct telephone conversations without disturbing others in the near environment.

Logo Briks

Briks provides IoT as-a-service for companies that needs an extended overview over crucial processes and equipment such as environment control and machinery in an all-in-one interface.

Logo Sevendof

Sevendof is working to lift unmanned drone technology to an industrial level by developing long-range vessels and deployed docking stations in the field.

Logo Dropracks

Loading gear on the car-roof is a challenge. Dropracks is a roof rack that can be lowered down to a comfortable hight beside the car. This makes loading the car roof safe, easy and fun. Dropracks is designed to be compatible with any roof rack accessories, regardless of brand.

Logo Veloconsult

Secure IoT bicycle parking for smart cities. We are developing a scalable platform for urban sharing and IoT access control. With our first project, Safebikely, we will enable cities to increase their share of cyclist by providing secure IoT bicycle parking.

The mission of Heligarden is to provide homes and businesses with stylish and easy to use urban farming products to create a more sustainable and self-sufficient future of food production

Flying Foil is developing efficient hydrofoil design, robust flight control systems and electrical propulsion that will drastically reduce the energy consumption for high speed ships and boats.

nLink revolutionizes construction using digital workflows and friendly robotic systems. Our drill unit is the worlds first commercially available ceiling drilling robot.

Scout Drone Inspection is developing an autonomous drone that will provide a complete visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) solution for enclosed and GPS-denied environments.

Stormvind is a young consultancy with a strong portfolio of large and innovative projects related to sustainable infrastructure development. The team consists of some of the country´s top advisors within business development in new renewable energy, including onshore wind power and sustainable fuels.

Staaker´s main purpose is to be a fully autonomous drone for filming. Staaker uses a small tracker that you wear, which automatically tells the drone where you are, and what you are doing. Staaker will follow and record your every move, without any additional input from you. No need to carry bulky remote controllers, no need to select objects to follow on the screen, or update your home point — just turn on Staaker, the tracker, and go.

We are a small agile team of domain and technology experts supported by Innovasjon Norge and the Norwegian Research Council. Our vision is to robotize the flow of goods from producers to consumers. We develop and deliver plug’n play technology for safe and efficient cost reduction through the supply chain