Prototyping labs

We provide the space and equipment you need to rapidly build and test your new ideas.



IoT Protolab

The IoT Protolab is a modern open electronics laboratory where innovative people can come together to exchange and explore new ideas, technologies and inventions.

Our laboratory is equipped with a variety of tools, instruments and talented members that can help you realize your ideas faster, cheaper and better. Our current focus area is rapid prototyping of applications related to IoT and wireless technology.

The laboratory is open to students and employees from NTNU, members of FAKTRY and other interested parties.

The IoT Protolab is powered by Wireless Trondheim. Read more about the lab and it's equipment here.



IoT Testbed

Wireless Trondheim is managing an open testbed for experimentation with new wireless technologies, sensors and other electronic apparatus that belongs on a wall, a roof or some other strategic location within an urban environment.

The testbed is comprised of more than 90 different locations in downtown Trondheim and nearby areas where equipment can be installed and remotely monitored if desirable. All of these locations have access to electricity and Internet.

The IoT Testbed is powered by Wireless Trondheim. Wireless Trondheim is managing a cluster of LoRa gateways that are forwarding packets to The Things Network and to Telenor Managed IoT Cloud. Read more about the IoT Testbed here.



Hardware workshop

The FAKTRY workshop is a hardware workshop accesable to our members. The workshop provides a workspace for building and testing hardware prototypes (metal, wood and plastics) in all ranges from small to full scale, and a personal storage space for each member company. .